Monday, September 14, 2020


 Why was the painter never cold?

He always used a second coat!

How many push-ups could the coffee do?
None, it was weak!

What is the most important lesson the tree taught it's Son?
'Grow up'

What's a cow's favourite dance?
The Milk Shake

Why do people feel so happy in an elevator?
Because it's so uplifting.

Who won the artist competition?
No one. It was a draw.

Why did the coffee beans leave each other?
They had GROUNDS for divorce.

What excuse did the student give when he fell asleep in class?
He was doing a sleep study.

How could you tell the carpenter was nervous?
He was biting his nails.

Did you hear my toilet is getting married?
Yep, it's finally taking the plunge.

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