Tuesday, March 31, 2020


With special thanks to my friends at Lake Macquarie Libraries, I am able to share a video series teaching magic enthusiasts young and old some simple tricks with household items.




Friday, March 27, 2020


I am sorry to inform you that my dear friend and magical mentor figure Jim Mc Keague passed away this morning. Jim became an important part of our family and had a big input into all my magic routines.

Jim published three books for the magical fraternity including; “The Best 200 Tricks With A Svengali Deck”, “A Rediscovery Of Ancient Astrology” and “Whispering Fingers. A First Easy Lesson In Sleight Of Hand”.

He was also considered by many (including the late Bob Read!!) to be THE AUTHORITY on the history of the CUPS AND BALLS. In the March 1997 Issue of Stan Allan’s “Magic Magazine”,  Jim discussed the Cups and Balls in great detail as well as retold the story of his adventure to Beni Hassan Egypt to be the first person in history to actually photography the Tomb wall that had a Hieroglyphic (apparently!?) depicting the Cups and Balls.

In recent years Jim was introduced to the wonderful world of the internet and made his Svengali Deck E- book as well as two comprehensive websites (The Indian Rope Trick and The History Of A Fortune Teller) and available to the Magic Community:

My Sympathies to Gwen McKeague and Jim’s Family in Far North Queensland.

Sunday, January 26, 2020


With our baby due in April, I have started working on my "Dad Jokes"!
* Do you know what type of lights Noah had installed on the ark?
Flood lights.

* Why did the disco man call in sick?
Because he had Saturday Night Fever.

* Why did the baby wear a nappy to a Birthday Party?
Because he didn't want to be a party pooper.

* What did the big chimney say to the little chimney?
You're too young to be smoking.

* Whats the best parting gift?
A comb

* Have you heard the joke about the garbage truck?
Don't worry, its only a load of rubbish.

* How did the telephones get married?
In a double ring ceremony.

* What did one eye say to the other?
Between you and me, something smells.

* What did the Bra say to the hat?
You go on a head while I give these two a lift.

* What do you call a nun with a washing machine on her head?
Sister Matic

* What do you get if you cross Dracula with an encyclopedia?
A know - it - all pain in the neck.

* Why did the child study in the aeroplane?
He wanted a higher education.

* A truck load of Soap was stolen today.
The thief appears to have made a CLEAN getaway.

* A Thief stole a truck of hair pieces today.
Police are combing the area.