Tuesday, March 26, 2013

RSL Thank You.

Really lovely of Stockton RSL to present me with this lovely thank you / award tonight at their meeting :)


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Seniors Week Show:

I have done a few shows for oldies this week as its “Seniors Week”   I don’t do many shows at Nursing homes as a lot of places simply don’t have the activities budget to allow for a professional entertainer to come in, and other places already have fantastic programs in place as well as volunteer entertainers............

Whenever I visit an aged care facility it is always a “feel- good-show” as the old folks really enjoy the magic and it’s something that most of them remember from when they were children.

Today while setting up the show I had an old lady wander over for a chat. She was well groomed and I would guess that she may have been in her 90s. She told me that in her day she had been a performer and worked the Tivoli circuit. She had assisted several magicians in the past!  I enjoyed the chat with her and continued to set the show.
The show went along smoothly and I reached the point in my program where I needed a volunteer!  I said “ladies and gentleman, I will need a helper from the audience and I know there is someone here this morning who has had experience at being a magicians assistant”   I bought this lady up to help – at this her demeanour and her posture changed.  She put on a real “showbiz  smile” both the audience and I could tell she loved every minute of being up there!

After the show this lady came and found me and gave me a big hug. She was a little choked up and said “I didn’t think I would ever be a magician’s assistant again – that was wonderful!  Thank you for such a good show.”