Monday, December 21, 2015


Those of you who have seen me do my stand up act at a corporate function over the last two years would have probably seen me do a magical effect where I borrow a spectator’s $50 or sometimes a $100 note if there is a willing donor, I then have them sign their name on it and make it vanish by magic to the audiences amazement and confusion. Later in the show I cut open a Lemon and find their signed money inside! It is a very baffling effect and the situation of pretending to lose a spectator’s note lends itself to a lot of comedy!

Last night I did the effect at a function. I got to the end of the act and the spectators note was found in the Lemon! At this point a voice from the audience calls out “that’s not the first time he has made money from a lemon!” This got an enormous laugh! After the performance it was explained to me that the gentleman who owned the $50 was a car salesman! Once I knew that I understood the humour of the situation and the remark!


Saturday, December 19, 2015


The last few months have been flat out with Corporate End of Year Functions / Christmas Parties etc. However last week I had the pleasure of appearing at a couple of Preschool Christmas parties. I find performing for young children to be particularly rewarding.

It’s not uncommon to have littlies come up to me before or after my show and tell me their life story! You never know what they are going to come out with and I’m seriously thinking of writing down the funny things kids say to me and perhaps publishing a book one day.
Here are a couple of funny situations from last week:

1.       THE BABY

A young boy was telling me about his mum having his new baby brother in her tummy when a little girl interrupted him to tell me “My mum growed a baby too”.


While I was setting up my show a little girl came in and said “Are we watching the show or doing the show?” I laughed and said with a smile “I might take the morning off and you can do the show!” The preschool teacher then chimed in and said “Don’t say that Joel because she is one that really would get up and do the show!”