Sunday, May 20, 2018


• New Circus Fans Of Australia members and Central Coast locals Rachel and Andy Long (“Round About Circus”) gave an interesting talk on their time teaching circus overseas and introduced us to the concept of “Social Circus”. This was followed by an impromptu performance of Juggling and Hula Hoops out on the grass.

• Robert Pankhurst also demonstrated his horsemanship skills for us outdoors with a horse that could sit, roll over and even walk the plank.

• I presented a one man show after dinner on Saturday evening that ended with a standing ovation from most of the audience - I felt a lump in my throat at this response!! Such a special moment getting that sort of encouragement from folks who I admire so much. A great thrill!!

• Dr Mark St Leon gave a very informative talk on Sunday morning that took us right back to the beginning of circus in Ancient Rome – fascinating stuff. Thank you Mark!!

• Also on the Sunday was guest Speaker Dr Gillian Arrighi who spoke about how she became involved with circus (researching Fitzgerald Brothers) and her vision and the benefits of “teaching circus” to youngsters.

• The Sunday’s activities concluded with a visit to “INFAMOUS” – an adults only circus spectacular that was conveniently showing in the Mingara area. My partner Renee also joined us for this experience.

• This morning’s events wrapped up with a presentation from Mr Tom Dumpleton. Tom could give us first hand stories of what it was like to travel with a “big show” in the days when the circus would travel by train.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Phoenix Circus Extreme is now in Swansea. I had the pleasure of seeing them in Newcastle and really enjoyed it.
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These pics were taken on 28th April at the evening show.