Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Light The Night!

As most of you know my  mum (Sharon Howlett) has Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Thankfully it is treatable however it will be a long six months of fortnightly Chemo treatments. 

With this in mind we felt it particularly important to be at tonight's "Light The Night" event in Newcastle. All money raised from the night goes back into cancer research.
Congratulations to all involved on their wonderful fundraising efforts.

The Crowd walked with lanterns in an effort to "shine a light of hope" that one day a cure will be found. For more information on this event you can visit:





Saturday, September 14, 2013

Webers Circus - Swansea September 2013.

The Big Top.
Laughing Clowns.

Joel and Two Special Friends!

Joel Howlett with Australian Junior World Champion Juggler Cody Harrington.

Joel Howlett, Cody Harrington and Hewin (who performs the Wheel Of Death)

Go See Weber's Circus

Had a fantastic time last night at Weber's Circus. The show was of the usual high standard and includes juggling, horses, clowning, spanish web, dogs and the wheel of death! You have plenty of time to go and see them as they are showing in Swansea until 15th September and then Richardson Park Hamilton from 20th September - 13th October.