Monday, August 26, 2013

"Best Overall Performer Award"

Very excited to tell you that last night for the second year in a row I was named "Best Overall Performer" by the Geniis Magicians Society Sydney.

It's really lovely that my peers enjoy my work and are so encouraging............

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Circus is in Town!!

Don't miss seeing Webers Circus while they are in Lake Macquarie.
They are in Morisset from 23rd August - 1st September and Swansea 9th September - 15th September............

For details visit :

Mythical Animal Performs Mythical Rope Trick :

During my visit to far North Queensland in July I became the FIRST MAGICIAN IN HISTORY to perform the “Indian Rope Trick” with a Lumhultz Tree Roo climbing the rope!

Take a look at this website:

Please note when viewing the link above that NONE OF THE PHOTOS WERE “photo shopped”. This photo shoot was arranged with scientist, Dr Karen Coombes, the world’s leading expert on the Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo.  The photos are designed to draw attention to the plight of this rare and beautiful mammal, which is found only on the high tablelands of Far North Queensland, and is today threatened by habitat loss, dog attacks, and road traffic.  For more information, see Dr Coombes’ website:

This promotion is the latest episode in the history of a remarkable feat of magic. Just as a tree-climbing kangaroo is sometimes said to be a myth, the Indian rope trick has been called a myth also.  It is not.  The true history of this centuries-old mystery has been greatly distorted over the past 100 years.