Monday, July 29, 2013

A Working Holiday??!!

Very excited to tell you that I'm off to attend two Magicians Conventions in the USA on Friday (2nd August) and will be away till 20th August! Ill be in Pigeon Forge (where Dolly Parton grew up) and Las Vegas (the Magic Capital Of The World).
Can't wait to talk magic with like minded people and learn some new effects / techniques for my act back home!
Ill post an update and some photos when I get back.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Just got back home.............

Just back from a great adventure in Far North Queensland. As soon as I arrived in Cairns on Thursday I was taken to the ABC studios for a radio interview.

Following this was a drive up the mountains to Ravenshoe where I had the pleasure of staying with my magic friends Jim and Gwen Mc Keague.

Saturday soon came round and I presented two sessions of my one man show at the ...Festival Hall. My thanks go the Win Board for sponsoring the show and for her advertising efforts. For more information on win of Win's Gallery and her artwork please visit :

During my visit I also used magic in a promotion (More details at a later date) to raise awareness of the plight of the Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo. This animal, ONLY found on the tablelands of Far North Queensland, faces threats such as habitat loss, dog attacks and road kill incidents. It was a privilege to work with Dr Karen Coombs who is the worlds leading expert on this rare mammal. To learn more about her work visit :

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Tomorrow I fly to Cairns and then drive up the Atherton Table Lands to far north Queensland where I will be performing a one man show at "The Festival Hall" in Ravenshoe on Saturday 20th July.

I will also be spending some time with my old magician friend Jim Mc Keague.

I will be away from tomorrow (18th July) to Monday evening (22nd July) during this time my folks will be looking after all enquiries for me.

Ill do my best to get some photos to show you and will fill you in on what took place when I get back!

An Early Start!

Good Morning! A very early start today - I'm doing a breakfast gig! I'm performing at 7:15 am! Have a great day everyone.............

Friday, July 12, 2013

Steven Spellmaster

I really enjoyed seeing Steven Spellmaster perform tonight at Wallsend Diggers. Be sure to go and see him next time he is in your area.............

Another Joke................

Two fleas were walking out of a cinema when they discovered it was raining hard.
Shall we walk? said one flea.
No, said the other, Lets take a dog!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Funny - Magician Joke..............

A magician is practicing new tricks at home when he accidently turns his family into a three piece suite , after trying to reverse the spell he fails so rings an ambulance .
Hours later he phones the hospital to see how they are doing and the doctor says ' oh they're very comfortable '

Friday, July 5, 2013

July School Holiday Shows 2013

Week 1 compleated!!

I'm pleased to report that the first week of school holiday shows went smoothly!
There were large and enthusiastic crowds at each venue.

Will post some photos soon.